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...and the greatest of these is mom
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Thanks for stopping by! My husband Joe and I have seven children and we currently live in northwestern Nebraska. I have degrees in English, journalism, and theology, and I used to work in print and broadcast journalism (CBC Radio) before our oldest son came along. We homeschool our kiddos and I am currently working on an MA in Teaching (high school English), as well as teaching and writing the curriculum for our kids’ program at church. I started this blog because I wanted to present the honest side of raising a large family. I can’t dish out six easy steps to rising early and preparing healthy food for your family. Nor can I post exquisite crafting projects on Pinterest. I’m the mom who, more often than not, lets her kids have cereal for supper when their dad’s not home. Day by day, we are in the trenches of parenting and learning to find the joy and humor in the midst of it all. I hope these stories and Bible studies encourage you as you run the race that God has set before you!