Ananda PetersAnanda Peters is a journalist, writer, teacher, and speaker but her main job is as a mom to 8 kids ages 3-20. She holds 16 years’ experience homeschooling. She is also a former reporter with CBC Radio and The West Prince Graphic. Her freelance work has been featured in Wiley’s university textbook, Abnormal Psychology, as well as in Living Light News and The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. she also writes a popular weekly column in The Sheridan County Journal-Star on issues of faith and family.

Ananda and her husband Joe own a roofing company in northwestern Nebraska and are avid real estate investors. They regularly speak together and separately to community groups and churches. A native of Prince Edward Island, Canada, Ananda has lived in 11 states and provinces and has a plethora of stories to share. She is also a stage 3 cancer survivor.

A lifelong learner, Ananda earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Liberty University. She holds an BA in English from the University of Saskatchewan, a BJ from the University of King’s College, and a BTh from Faith Alive Bible College. She has also completed graduate studies in Education.

Ananda’s main emphasis in writing, teaching, and speaking is on telling true stories. She is a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild and is available for speaking engagements. To inquire, please email

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